The Nistul Grow series features desks and chairs that “grow” with the child by adjusting the height from the age of 5 until after high school.

The child can also adjust the angle of the table top from 0 to 35 degrees, making it fit for all of their activities (drawing, reading or writing) and ensuring their utmost focus.

More than 6 patented technologies are used to ensure all adjustments are done with ease and safety.

“Technology and quality on par with European standards.”

Nistul Grow desks and chairs are made of materials and parts that are compliant with European standards on quality and safety. They more than satisfy the European and North American standards for harmful materials and provide utmost durability.

All parts (with the only exception of the fabric cover) are produced in Taiwan, meticulously tested and validated through the U.S. ASTM and European RoHS.

In particular, the table top which comes in contact with the child the most often, is finished with the anti-scratch, high-safety laminate produced by the U.S. Formica, the world’s largest and best maker of surface-treatment materials.



What is the proper sitting posture?

Sitting posture is incomparably more important for children and adolescents who are in the growing stage. It affects not only their health but also physical growth and even learning ability. And sitting posture is significantly affected by the furniture and environment.
This is something everyone knows. As adolescents, we have all heard our parents say, “Sit up straight,” or “Sit with your back straight.” 
But we were rarely able to improve our sitting posture.
The failure to sit up straight has to do with not only our lack of will, but also with the environment – the desk and the chair.


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