Ergonomic Chair - Functions

Easy Height & Depth Adjustment

Usable from age 5 (100cm) to adulthood (180cm)

The seat height can be adjusted from 28cm to 49cm in one successive movement, and the backrest is adjustable to match the seat.

The <-shaped backrest makes sure that by simply adjusting the seat height, the seat depth automatically follows (backrest pulls in), so that the backrest is always firmly touching the back.

The patented Quick Release Lock (QRL) enables opening-lifting-locking in one swift movement without any complex mechanics.


Back Cushion with Active Lumbar Support

Adjustable Backrest Always Supporting Lumbar

The tilting mechanism embedded in the backrest holder moves the backrest so that its bottom part always provides sufficient pressure against the back (lumbar). Precise support to lumbar leads to good posture and maintains curvature of the back, ensuring that the body weight is evenly distributed across the back discs over a long time.

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